A charm of nature

We all have some people in life who inspire in many different ways. Sometimes, just a smile from them helps you feel better – here’s a poem about one such special lady I truly admire.


The essence of a calm nature,

Encompassed in exquisiteness,

Enlightening every present soul,

Of a woman’s eloquence.

Standing tall to your belief,

Your composure’s worth admiration,

As you embrace every moment of life,

Gracefully; with a smile & conviction.

Your beloved know they’re blessed,

With the treasure of your presence,

As you hold the string to their hearts,

And make their life worthwhile.

It’s a moment to revel,

The core of a family,

One with the prettiest smile,

She is one of nature’s charms.

~ Amreen Kana ~


Cast in Stone

Some incidents in life are enough to acknowledge – A moment is never the same again. Did I ever know that there existed a stone miles away at Crocodile river,  naturally shaped to the size of my arm – Lucky me! I had taken these pictures of myself at Lion and Safari Park, South Africa.

Take a breath and close your eyes,

To me; Let your emotions parse,

Don’t let such moments pass,

As precious times are scarce.


Let your sentiments be known,

To those you call your own,

For when these times are gone,

You’ll only have memories cast in stone.

~ Amreen Kana ~

The Pause

I captured this cute cat during a recent trip – and Yup, it knows how to pose for the camera – like a king

Take a moment to calm down,

A pause to appreciate life,

You still have a tomorrow,

To take charge of life again.

~ Amreen Kana ~




Every relationship has to have a start; & its these initial moments of nurturing that will eventually form a bond to be cherished forever. Here’s a caption of emotions as someone sets into a new relationship – hoping it forever stays…

Lets test a relationship,

For all that’s I comprehend.

As the steps ahead are unknown,

Except that we’ll take them together.

The anxious first experience,

Melting down our hearts.

With nervousness of keeping you far,

But fear of craving you closer.

The credibility of being each others,

And the willingness to let things be.

Let the souls control us,

And enjoy the justice of conquering.

Its in these moments of compassion,

When emotions earn to the peak.

As the faith is so bondless,

That humanity craves for such relationships

~ Amreen Kana ~


It’s a day to appreciate life – more so for blessing me a family. A dear person showed me a perspective of life through anothers’ eyes. Indeed life felt like a blossoming flower in the right atmosphere!


In a lucky daughters shoes,

You’re above the worlds woes.

Flying across the skies,

And establishing your pride.


With a saint for a father,

Who wants nothing further,

Except for treasures,

In his baby’s pleasures.


You have an angel as a mother,

To whom your tears ain’t a bother,

You share a very strong bond,

Of which you seem very fond.


Your brothers a lark,

Adding to life a beautiful spark,

He provides some serenity,

That will last an eternity.


Your sisters a dove,

For whom you feel much love,

Though her words are sometimes untold,

You know her heart ain’t cold!


You’ll never lose them,

For you’re special.

They’ll never hurt you,

For they live in you…

~ Amreen Kana ~

Embracing Motherhood

In thoughts of a dear friend, all set to deliver her baby – I am super excited jotting this down. Its an emotional moment for every expectant mother and I am hopeful this would add up to her joy – as we await the homecoming of her baby.


There’s a fascinating change,

An adorable will to relax,

Relieving herself of all hassles,

To give life to a healthy being.


Some sweet pleasure is anticipated,

As her fatigued body falls back.

Thoughtful of challenges to overcome,

To nurture an unseen nature.


Glancing over at my chum,

My eyes beam with enthusiasm,

Astonished by her determination,

I admire her transformation.


I seemingly comprehend her sentiments,

The reasons of her persistence,

She will’s to crystalize her aspirations,

Hoping to cuddle a divine life… Her Baby

~ Amreen Kana ~


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Silence Hurts

Whilst our time flies,

I seek some consolation.

My heart crumbles to realize,

You don’t care for my emotions.

Unsure if I am happy,

I envisage being sappy.

I ask out of curiosity,

What causes this triviality!

Each moment my eyes trawl,

As you’re all I forestall,

Despite nurturing our relation at heart,

I wonder what keeps us apart.

Even though we’re together,

My presence doesn’t matter,

That even you’re greetings uncertain,

I’m hurt by the silence you maintain!

~ Amreen Kana ~


I would like to acknowledge Silvia & Frank (Pixel2013) for availing this image for use.

Happy Diwali

Appreciating life for its colorful side, the joy and glad tidings of celebrations help realize that Humanity rises above individual beliefs. Here’s my wishes to Friends & colleagues celebrating Dipawali.

A festivity of lights,

Moments filled with laughter,

The sounds of heartfelt Glory,

Bring the picturesque to life.


A subtle difference in the environment,

It’s not only the firecrackers,

Rather the sounds of the souls,

That spread joy beyond bounds.


Indeed a season of blessed essence,

Strengthening ties amongst humans,

Giving rise to the aroma of togetherness,

Indeed an occasion worthy of celebration.

Wishing you a Happy Diwali

~ Amreen Kana ~

Time to be Alive – again

A light caption for this poem – Life is a beautiful journey & solitude isn’t the way to live it. I took this picture at Paradise Lost in Nairobi – Kenya.


Smiles and tears,

Help conquer fears.

Facts can be painful,

But patience is soulful.


The heart needs a solution,

To some endless evolution.

The mind is alone,

Like my strength is gone.


I feel real affection,

Without any confusion.

I need you around,

To enable me sound.


I want my life shared,

Without a moment spared.

Living every moment to the full,

And spreading Love to all.

~ Amreen Kana ~

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