My First Blog Post!

I’ll start by saying that I’m adapting into the concept of blogging. Stepping out of my comfort zone to start up my First Blog. To ease off the awkward feelings, I thought that this would be a nice way for me to acquaint with you all a little less formally!

Welcome to my blog – A marketer in the IT industry, I love my job. Exactly where the clock doesn’t define working hours, that’s more like my day. The image on this post is intentional – representing a motto I live by “Live life by the moment”

Like the Sun, spread your light beyond Horizons,

From sunrise to sunset, every ray covers its journey.

Let not circumstances determine your reach,

Live life by the moment, it holds no value once it’s gone.

~ Amreen Kana ~


I intend to share some thoughts about my interests which are photography, poetry and marketing trends. I hope you like the content I post. I am a beginner and your feedback shall help me get better.

Can’t wait to interact more with you!


Featured post

A caption on Penguins – these “lazy Birds” have a calming effect on me. I took this picture at Boulder’s Beach in Simonstown – located at False Bay on the outskirts of Cape Town in South Africa. Despite the eerie smell, I still find them cute. Living in colonies, they add a warm family feeling to the environment that welcomes flocks during all seasons.

Taking a pause to breathe in life,

Calmly basking the day before we dive,

Living in colonies to ward off solitude,

We swim the peninsula in a happy mood.

~ Amreen Kana ~

Embracing Life

Am feeling sparks within me,

Uncertainty wreaks havoc on mind,

My hearts feeling restless,

Honey, there’s something amiss here.


Am looking for my authentic self,

The eloquent me that’s suppressed,

Hidden from the world too long,

It’s time to let go… be Free


Let’s add life to moments,

Join all the dots together,

Integrating thoughts and reality,

It’s time to embrace happiness.


All saddled to live life,

I won’t undertake this journey alone,

With my buddies by my side,

We’ll travel through time together.

~ Amreen Kana ~

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